• Postdoctoral Fellow, Pathology,
        Harvard Medical School (2014-2016)
  • PhD, Computer Science,
        Brandeis University (2014)
        Supplemental PhD Specialization:
        Quantitative Biology, Brandeis University
  • M.A., Computer Science,
        Brandeis University (2010)
  • B.A., Artificial Life,
        Hampshire College (2007)


  • Assistant Professor, 2016 - present,
        Virtual Technology and Design,
        University of Idaho, Moscow.
  • Visiting Scientist, 2018 - present,
        Janelia Research Campus,
        Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
  • Visiting Professor, 2017,
        Computer Science,
        University of Toulouse, France.
  • Visiting Professor, 2017,
        Center for Systems Biology Dresden at
        Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics,
        Max Planck Institute for Physical Complex Systems,
        Technical University of Dresden
  • Lecturer, 2016,
        Department of Computer Science,
        Tufts University.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014 - 2016,
        Bentley Group, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,
        Harvard Medical School.
  • Visiting Scientist, 2014,
        Grigorieff Lab,
        Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm.
  • Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, 2008 - 2014,
        DEMO Lab,
        Computer Science, Brandeis University.
  • Visiting Scholar, 2010 - 2012,
        BINDS Lab,
        University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
  • Instructor of Computer Science, 2007 - 2008,
        Hampshire College.

Awards and Activities

  • Visiting Researcher, Royal Veterinary College (Host: Doube; Sponsor: Royal Society) - 2018
  • Panelist, National Science Foundation - 2017
  • Mentor, ClojureBridge Boston: Programming Workshop for Underrepresented Groups - 2016-2017
  • Selected speaker (Scientific Computing in Clojure), Clojure/Conj - 2015
  • Discussion Leader, Gordon Research Seminar on Angiogenesis - 2015
  • BMC Ecology Competition Winner for Best Image from Theoretical Model - 2014
  • HHMI Interfaces Scholar Award - 2014
  • SIGEVO / ACM travel grant for GECCO-2012 - 2012
  • NSF travel grant for IJCNN-2011 - 2011


Bioinformatics, Nature Communications, IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, Physics Letters A, Neural Networks, BioSystems, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks, IEEE Trans. on Autonomous Mental Development, Optimization Letters, Emotion Review, IEEE-RAS Int’l Conf. on Humanoid Robotics, IEEE Int’l Joint Conf. on Neural Networks, IEEE Sym. Series on Computational Intelligence, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference