napari-imagej: ImageJ Ecosystem Access from napari

This paper presents napari-imagej, a plugin that integrates the ImageJ ecosystem with napari, enabling access to ImageJ functions directly from napari without the need for extensive porting or maintenance.

Oct 23, 2023

Single‐cell profiling and zebrafish avatars reveal LGALS1 as immunomodulating target in glioblastoma

This study reveals the role of LGALS1 in glioblastoma through single-cell RNA sequencing and zebrafish avatars, highlighting the heterogeneity in GBM-induced GAM polarization and identifying LGALS1 as a key regulator of immunosuppression.

Oct 4, 2023

A Connectome of the Male Drosophila Ventral Nerve Cord

This study presents the first densely-reconstructed connectome for the ventral nerve cord (VNC) of a male Drosophila, providing detailed insights into the synaptic connectivity of neurons and premotor circuits that guide behavior.

Jun 6, 2023

Machine learning-based ozone and PM2.5 forecasting: Application to multiple AQS sites in the Pacific Northwest

This study develops and evaluates a machine learning-based forecasting system for ozone and PM2.5 at multiple AQS sites in the Pacific Northwest, demonstrating improved accuracy and reliability over existing CTM-based forecasts.

Feb 24, 2023

RS-FISH: precise, interactive, fast, and scalable FISH spot detection

RS-FISH is a software tool for accurate and fast spot detection in microscopy images, supporting large datasets and offering interactive parameter tuning.

Dec 1, 2022

PyZebrascope: An Open-Source Platform for Brain-Wide Neural Activity Imaging in Zebrafish

PyZebrascope is an open-source Python platform for whole-brain neural activity imaging in zebrafish using light-sheet microscopy, designed to enhance dissemination and development of light-sheet microscopy techniques in neuroscience.

May 19, 2022

Can fractal dimensions objectivize gastropod shell morphometrics? A case study from Lake Lugu (SW China)

This study uses high-resolution 3D scanning technology and fractal dimension analyses to overcome the shortcomings of traditional morphometrics in describing gastropod shell shape, revealing more detailed evolutionary and ecological information.

Feb 20, 2022

Development of a Machine Learning Approach for Local-Scale Ozone Forecasting: Application to Kennewick, WA

This study developed machine learning models to improve O3 forecasts for Kennewick, WA, demonstrating improved accuracy and reduced computational resources compared to traditional chemical transport models.

Feb 10, 2022

Complex population dynamics in a spatial microbial ecosystem with Physarum polycephalum

This study explores the interactions between Physarum polycephalum and a red yeast in a spatial ecosystem, revealing an inverse growth relationship and successional dynamics, using advanced image analysis for semantic segmentation.

Jul 18, 2021

SNT: a unifying toolbox for quantification of neuronal anatomy
SNT: a unifying toolbox for quantification of neuronal anatomy

SNT is a comprehensive framework for neuronal morphometry and connectomics, providing tools for tracing, proof-editing, visualization, quantification, and modeling of neuroanatomy, available via Fiji's ImageJ distribution.

Apr 1, 2021