Communicated Somatic Markers Benefit Both the Individual and the Species

Jul 31, 2011·
Kyle I. Harrington
Megan M. Olsen
Hava T. Siegelmann
· 0 min read
We use emotional communication within a predator-prey game to evaluate the tradeoff between socio-emotional behavior at individual- and species- scales. In this predator-prey game, individual predators and prey use emotion in their decision making, and communicate their emotional state with neighboring conspecifics. The model of emotion is based upon the somatic marker hypothesis. In comparing individual utility and population dynamics, we find emotion is capable of both supporting species and individual gain. We suggest this type of dynamic may provide a mechanism for the emergence of altruistic behavior within a species under individual and/or group selection.
In Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN-2011)